About Me

Besides my favorite roles of wife and mom, I am also an attorney, artist, gardener, dog and cat lover, and am obsessed with all things mid-century.  My husband and I were lucky enough to score an amazing mid-century property a few years ago in Bloomington, Indiana, and we spend an almost embarrassing amount of time at auctions and estate sales on the hunt for cool finds to fill our home, with all the extras going to my shop.

About HypertufaWufa

HypertufaWufa™ is art created from hypertufa, a medium fabricated from various ingredients, cement being paramount.  My proprietary recipe allows each piece to take on its own personality and uniqueness by the behavior of the ingredients during casting; and with the various adornments added to the mixture, such as shell, glass, and mica, along with the application of various stains, each results in a piece that is truly one of a kind.  

Weighing much less than stone or solid concrete, hypertufa provides the same look, but has so much more versatility!  My HypertufaWufa™ planters are excellent vessels for plants, as they absorb excess water, reducing the risk of root rot.  My greenhouse is full of HypertufaWufa™ pots, all planted up and ready to fill the next vacant spots at my shop at the Bloomington Antique Mall.  Common house plants, succulents, and cacti, have all performed very well in these pots.